Are you polluting roads by running your activities? We have a solution for you.

PEAKWASH – Wheel washing systems

PEAKWASH Ltd. was established in 2001 and has dealt with development and production of wheel washing systems. We have also produced cleaning equipment for construction shuttering.

Our products are characterized by high efficiency, long service life, top quality and reasonable prices.


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Autumn 2016
Our wheel wash systems are known worldwide. Our products are currently operating in more than 20 countries and on 3 different continents.

Spring 2016
A new series of three low-cost Wheel washer models EASY offers a wider use especially in the construction industry.

We won tender of Estonian company Eesti Energia for cooling unit, as parallel mode wheel washer. The unit will 5.4m wide, 9.4m long with tanks for 80m3 water volume.

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PEAKWASH Ltd. is developer and producer of wheel washing systems.