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Wheel wash accessories

Accessories for wheel wash systems
PEAKWASH and other manufacturers are available.

Service and installation of wheel wash systems

    Warranty and post-warranty service of PEAKWASH truck wheel wash systems
Warranty and post-warranty service of wheel wash system from other manufactures
Fast processing of enquiry and service realization
  Installation of  wheel washing systems
Transport of washing equipment or spare parts to the place of installation / service area

Available accessories

Increasing capacity by adding nozzles and pumps. Capacity increase by increasing the settling tank up to 80m3

It is not necessary to choose a higher model. We can increase the capacity of your wash system by adding nozzles and pumps and choosing a larger settling tank.

Sedimentation agent (flocculants) in 25 kg / 120 kg / 1 000 kg pack

It is a liquid flocculate made specifically for PEAKWASH wheel wash.

Oil separator

Our oil separator is a reliable and effective means for removing oil from water and aqueous solutions. Our oil separator reduces oil content to less than five parts per million.

Equipment for winter season

Thermal insulation of the tank, electric heater and thermostat in the tank.

Frost-resistant container for sedimentation agent (flocculation)

It is a 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2m metal sheet container. The container is thermally insulated and has an electric heater. The container serves to place the flocculate and dosing pump and protects the flocculate against humidity and low temperature. The container includes an electric heating cable, which protects the hose with the flocculate, between the container and the tank.

Frost-resistant barrel for sedimentation agent (flocculation)

The barrel is a cheaper container variant. The 120l barrel has a double wall, it is thermally insulated and has an electric heater. The barrel serves to place the flocculate and protects the flake against frost.
The barrel does not protect the dosing pump and the flanker between the barrel and the tank.

“Flipper” work shoes cleaner

Shoe cleaner brush requires water supply and waste connection.