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The biggest producer of wheel wash systems in Czech Republic.
Reliable wheel wash systems with easy service and economic operation.

Does your work leave dirt on the roads? We have a solution for you.

PEAKWASH production series has a wide range of standard and custom built truck wheel wash systems, which solve the issue of leaving dirt on roads. 

Our long experience and success of our engineers are here for you, to help you find solution of every individual problem, where a there is complex and efficient solution needed.

Advantages of truck wheel wash systems:

Clean roads 

Clean roads upon leaving construction sites, quarries, dump sites, recycling sites, mines, industrial sites and gerbils

Simple installation

Truck wheel wash systems are suitable not only for permanent settlement, but also for short term applications. Truck wheel wash systems has high ability of mobility and good possibility of relocation

Long-term reliability

Tlhe long-term reliability of our products is a guarantee and one of the advantages of our company.

Simple maintenance and service

PEAKWASH wheel wash systems have fully automatic operation. The operator only performs regular check on the operation of truck wheel wash system. 

Custom made products

Creating a truck wheel wash system according to our customers’ needs.

Hight product quality

•Creating a wash system according to our customers’ needs

Wheel wash systems for trucks and heavy construction machinery in operation

Mobile wheel wash systems

Mobile wheel wash system

A compact wheel wash system for low and medium demands. Simple, fast installation, and easy mobility enabling short term cleaning.

Inmobile truck wheel wash systems

Immobile wheel wash system   

Highly efficient wheel wash system for medium and high demands for long term cleaning.

Special wheel wash systems for heavy machinery

Special wheel wash system

Wheel wash systems for trucks and construction machinery (which can affect public roads safety if leaving dirt).

Wheel wash systems accessories and service

Accessories and service

We provide authorized service for wheel wash systems, their installation, delivery and we offer number of accessories.


Do you need a special dimension? Dosage of disinfection? Frost resistance
or are you interested in water savings? Every wheel washer for trucks
and heavy machines can be tailored to suit your needs.