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Truck wheel wash PEAKWASH MOBILE excels in easy and quick to install and a high utility value.


The PEAKWASH MOBILE mobile system can be used in all situations where in-ground digging is inappropriate or prohibited. This system is unique, fast and easy to assemble, and with high utility value.

Wash systems are suitable for short and long term usage at construction sites, quarries, dump sites, recycling sites, mines, industrial sites and gerbils. The wash system include a wash frame, sidewalls, settling water tank, and ramps. The wash system allow one-time tire rotation during the wash cycle and have maximum performance up to 40 vehicles per hour. Two width of entry 2.75 a 3.00 m.

Simple assembly

Simple and fast assembly, high mobility. Due to the quick and easy installation, it is the best choice for short-term use.

Tank volume

The tank volume of 5m3 allows for a high workload period while maintaining the standard cleaning period of the tank.

One tank

The wash system does not have two water tanks and does not pump water between them. It does not have the disadvantages of such wash systems, such as high energy consumption, fouling of the pumping tank and frequent failure of the pump.


Wheels are fully cleaned along the frame of the wash system as the Vehicle passes slowly. The wash cycle is automatic, and is controlled by optical or magnetic sensors. The length of the cycle is set by a timer. The specially developed PEAKWASH nozzle system consists of nozzles on the main frame and side nozzles on the sidewalls in order to create an efficient water shower to wash the tread pattern, and the outer and inner side of the tire. The direction of the side nozzle stream is adjustable to optimize the washing effect. The main wash frame has an integrated grille along its entire length to shake the tires and open the tread upon entry to increases the washing efficiency.

Impurities and sludge flowing from the tires into the settling tank should be regularly removed mechanically or by vacuum trucks. Water circulates back to be reused in the washing system and the water level in the tank is automatically replenished by the float valve.  

Sedimentation agent accelerates and optimizes the process of depositing impurities at the bottom of the tank. PEAKWASH washers contain a sedimentation agent included in the price without any extra costs.


The PEAKWASH MOBILE is automatically fully controlled. The operator only regularly checks the nozzles, the conveyor, the water supply to the tank and the supply of the sedimentation agent and removes sludge and sediment from the settling tank the delivery technician instructs the operator and checks the wash system during commissioning and handover.

Preparation of installation

The customer is responsible for preparing a paved area in accordance with PEAKWASH documentation, along with a supply of water and electric current before installation.


The manufacturer guarantees a standard warranty of 24 months valid from the date of installation, and support in the delivery of spare parts and service.

Available accessories

  • Increasing capacity by adding nozzles and pumps 
  • Sedimentation agent in 25 kg / 120 kg / 1,000 kg pack 
  • Frost-resistant container for sedimentation agent placement 
  • Frost-resistant barrel for sedimentation agent placement
  • „Flipper” work shoes cleaner


Maximum number of vehicles per hour:

Passing width (in the direction of travel):

Overall width (in the direction of travel):

Working length (in the direction of travel): 

Overall length (in the direction of travel):

Depth in field:

Height of sidewalls:

Total weight:

Electric power:

Tank Volume:

Water consumption per cycle:

Number of pumps:

Maximum pump power:


40 vehicles per hour

2 750 mm / 3 000 mm

3 650 mm / 3 900 mm

3 800 mm (1 x turn of wheels)

14 000 mm

0.0 mm

1 500 mm

9.6 / 9.8 t

5.5 kw

4.7 m3 / 5 m3  

approximately 30 l

1 piece

1 600 l/min


Do you need a special dimension? Dosage of disinfection? Frost resistance
or are you interested in water savings? Every wheel washer for trucks
and heavy machines can be tailored to suit your needs.